November 8

Posted on Nov 8, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I am writing early this week, as it is a shortened week. I am also emailing you today to remind you (or inform you) that all of the students are performing in a Program tomorrow at Wing at 2 p.m. Parents and other guests are more than welcome to come! This program is for Veteran’s Day. Today, we have completed a class project about writing to a hero (a veteran). Everyone in class wrote to a hero (not specific to any one person) as an act of kindness to a veteran. Tomorrow I will mail the letters out to “Operation Gratitude”.

I am sending in our book orders tomorrow at noon! So, if you have an order you want to place, please do so by tomorrow! I am sending home with the students a Scholastic News for the students (this is optional for them to complete). I enjoy Scholastic News because it is basically a newspaper for children. There is always a “Debate” section that our class discusses as well. This might be fun for you and your child to complete together! When we have class debates, the students are very polite and describe their opinion rather than arguing or fighting with the opposite side. Students have learned to recognize that everyone has a different opinion and to respect each other. Enjoy!

Have a great, long weekend!



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