February 8

Posted on Feb 8, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Some weekly reminders: bookmobile is tomorrow and book orders are due tomorrow. If you want to go online and order books from scholastic book club, my classroom code is R7LNF.

This week, Mr. Will came into our classroom and showed our class how to use Sway, this is the office 365 app that we will use to present out science fair projects on February 28. Next week, Mr. Will is going to bring drones into our classroom. He will show the students how to program the drone (kind of like the sphero balls) to make the drones go through different obstacle courses.

Next Wednesday is Valentines Day; we will be celebrating it in the afternoon. The students can bring treats, valentines, etc. for the party.

Since we have changed math to the morning and switched rotations, math has been going extremely well. The students are doing better on their practice scores and are more relaxed.

The school nurse was in on Tuesday and explained the importance of a seatbelt to the class. She used an egg and a Barbie car to demonstrate how seatbelts can protect you.

Please, email me if you have any questions and have a great weekend!


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