March 22

Posted on Mar 22, 2018

Happy Thursday!

Bookmobile is this Friday (tomorrow) so make sure your student brings their books to school!

We did finish the Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns and the students did fantastic on their ACR test. I was really surprised because the book was 515 pages long and took us a couple of months. However, the students ACR tests and class discussions showed that the majority of the students comprehended the book better than Wonder! We are starting a new book called A Wrinkle In Time. This one is shorter than the last one and we should finish it within the month.

In science we finished Unit 8 and started Unit 9. Unit 8 was about the moon and its phases. Unit 9 is about matter!

In social studies, we finished chapter 8 which was about the inventions within the last 100 years. Today we are starting chapter 9 about money and budgeting. If you want, you can extend this lesson to home with allowance (if they have any).



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