March 28

Posted on Mar 28, 2018

Good Morning,

This week we have no school on Friday or Monday and next Friday (4/6/18) is book mobile. We didn’t have bookmobile last Friday due to the weather. We didn’t get through as much curriculum as planned (this was a cushion week) as our class had to frequently sit down and have some discussions on our behaviors (I think it’s that time of the year). This includes in gym. I hope that after this long break we come back to class remembering what kindness and grit are for the last couple of months in school.

So, this week we will finish Unit 9 Lesson 1 in science on matter and will complete Chapter 9 Lesson 1 on budgeting for social studies.

We are celebrating Easter tomorrow and having a class party for it. We will be painting hard boiled eggs and I am not sure if the other teachers do egg hunts, but we will probably do one of these in our classroom too!

Have a great Easter weekend,


P.S. I can’t believe it is already April… where is the time going??!!

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