April 26

Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Good Morning,

This week’s email will include information for this week and next. Next week I am out of town on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so when I get back on Thursday I will be swamped with grading and planning and won’t have time to email. 😊 My next parent email will be sent May 10th and will probably be the last one for the year! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.

In science, we have just a couple of lessons left. We will be finished with the curriculum next week and the two weeks after next will be supplemental things! In social studies, the same thing is true. This week we will finish chapter 11 and will begin chapter 12 lesson 1 on Monday. Chapter 12 only has three lessons so we will be finished with our social studies curriculum on Monday May 7th. After this we will do supplementary social studies too!

Tomorrow is our ACR pizza party. Ask your student how many points they got! Here are the requirements: 4pts. = pizza, 8pts. = dessert pizza, 12 pts. = soda.

Tomorrow John and Alison (Jordan’s parents) are coming to Wing. Jordan has come into class to present to us about England. His parents will be presenting a little about England and then about other countries too. John was in the Army and he traveled to many different countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. He will talk a little about that!

State testing is this week. On Wednesday we took the Math portion, today is the ELA (reading) portion, and we might have a Writing portion tomorrow (I am unsure about this because 5th and 6th said they didn’t have one, so we might not either).

Next Wednesday is track and field day. Make sure you send the kids with snacks, waters, and layers. I believe it will be cold in the morning but will warm up as the day goes on. On Wednesday, I will be making my drive back from South Dakota and hopefully we will make it to Bismarck in time to catch the end of track and field day.

Another heads up, pre-K through 4th grade are planning a field trip for May 16th. We will all travel to Bismarck but will part ways once we get there. I will give you more details as the time comes closer and of course I will send home a permission slip in a couple of weeks.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I am available through email and of course can meet in person if you would like. If you want to schedule an end of the year meeting with me to see the progress of your child, that would be fun too!



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