November 17

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Happy Friday!! I will not be sending out an email next week since it is a three day week, therefore you will get two weeks of information today! I have some sad news, we will not be able to go to the theatres for the movie Wonder. The Wing Theatre couldn’t get that movie and the theatres in Bismarck start showings at 4:30. So, we will just have to wait until Wonder comes out on Red Box and watch it in class! You can take your student to see it in theatres; I wouldn’t want to wait either! Just as long as they don’t give anything...

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November 8

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Happy Wednesday! I am writing early this week, as it is a shortened week. I am also emailing you today to remind you (or inform you) that all of the students are performing in a Program tomorrow at Wing at 2 p.m. Parents and other guests are more than welcome to come! This program is for Veteran’s Day. Today, we have completed a class project about writing to a hero (a veteran). Everyone in class wrote to a hero (not specific to any one person) as an act of kindness to a veteran. Tomorrow I will mail the letters out to “Operation...

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November 3

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Good morning! We had a blast at our Halloween Party! Thank you for all of the treats that the students passed out to their classmates. We had a Halloween trivia, completed Halloween Mad Libs, had a pumpkin measurement contest, and watched some Goosebumps (some students have been reading Goosebumps books). It was awesome! We also started reading another part to Wonder; it’s an extra chapter on Julian. I still haven’t heard from the theatres, but I should know by next week and I will send out an email! I sent home book orders and those will...

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October 27

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Happy Friday!   This week has been very busy with finishing up our classroom book. We have spent most of our free time doing this and we will be shipping it out later today as a class! I am very excited to see the end product and thank you all for submitting your orders! We will be getting a free classroom book! Next Tuesday we will have a Halloween party. Feel free to send your student to school with snacks, but this is NOT required! I will be bringing candy for them and will have juice. As far as I know now, they are allowed to wear...

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October 12

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Happy Thursday! This weeks schedule changed a tad bit, but it was no problem for our awesome class! In this email I will be covering the schedule for this week and next, as I will not be sending home an email next week (this is because we will meet on Wednesday and it’s a shortened week). Please sign up for a time to meet with me if you haven’t already! Also, our class started a project. We are becoming authors and creating a class book. In this class book, each student will have two stories. One for Thanksgiving: What are you thankful...

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