Superintendent/High School Principal



Hello everyone,

I was born and raised in Sterling, ND. I went to high school in Bismarck, ND at St. Mary’s Central High school. After high school I went to Wahpeton for Diesel Mechanic’s. After school I went home and worked on the family dairy farm for a while. After that I worked at a gas station in Bismarck till I found my salesman job selling home improvements. I did this until I went to manage a quick lube in Bismarck. Tires Plus found out that I was a good salesman and called me to come work there. I worked there and when my daughter was born, I took a second job at BTC. After that I was offered a job building houses in Billings, MT. After 3.5 years I came home and went back to school to be a math teacher at the University of Mary. I worked two years in Gwinner, ND until moving closer to my family. I spend three years in Tappen, ND. One year as a math teacher and two years as an administrator. I then received the great opportunity to come here in Wing. As you get to know me, you will learn that my daughter is my most prized creation.

Mr. David Goetz